Chapter One, Part Four

Doctor’s log- specimen 27

The specimen spent the whole day sleeping, mustn’t be good for a person too spend too much time in statis, I have heard of people who were in some for months and never recovered, this man, child even has spent twenty years of his life in one, still growing, still alive.

                He woke up today, if that is what you could call it, he stirred and said something, and I never understood what he said. I have to feed him via Iv drip because he has not been awake for most of the time, I did some tests with what machinery I had, I also spent a day removing the evidence of my removal of the body from the building, now only me and Trev know, and he wont be telling, he was fired today, why I don’t know.

                He truly woke up today, 27 sat up in bed, looked at me and tried to smile, at least that’s what I think he was trying to do, it was hard to tell as he didn’t know himself, he collapsed soon after, I have to keep him sedated now, why, I don’t know, possibly because I don’t want him knowing what I am doing, or perhaps something deeper, all I know is that the samples I tested were amazing, he appeared to be fully alive, with huge untapped resources of magic, and an amazing natural muscle resistance. If it was not for the brain scans I would say he was fully alive.

                He is up and about now, reading at every chance, I don’t think he even knows hot to speak, just read, anything he can get his hands on, I saw him get through two basic magic textbooks within hours, it took me two day to read just the one, he truly is amazing, I just wish his brain scans were not so abnormal I would not wait to see how he did outside, but his brain scans said he thought at basic three-hundred, that was enough thought to kill, or if you put it into higher brain waves it was still over ten, that meant he was basically shouting, I may need to call in a doctor more used to actually curing patients, this is getting above my level of skill.

The End

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