Chapter One, Part Three

Later in that same day
            It was a high pitched noise that woke Sam, it could have been anything from a prisoner screaming, or a prisoner dying, but this one shock him to the core, It sounded like the cat down a blackboard noise that so many people complain about, just louder and more foreboding, Like the sound of death coming through the wall. He shocks himself and looked at the time, it was just one of the prisoner’s birthdays, or incarceration days since no one knew when they were born anymore these days. He checked to see if any of the doors were open that shouldn’t be. It was only his twelfth day, thirteenth actually he mentally corrected himself. He wanted to impress. Closing two doors that shouldn’t be on floor two, he trawled through the many floors under his command playing with the telephone on his desk, proud of the work he had done. He stopped ant the end and, remembering an anomaly he might have seen he went back to Cell 27, he checked again, feeling himself go cold all over Sam hesitantly picked up the telephone.
            “Trev” he said in a hesitant voice “What do you do if cell 27 just opened itself” There were only three words that came out
            “Big, red button” That was all, the worst had come, the big, red button in question was the emergency kill order for all cells. Sealing them in and murdering them. Sam hit the button with no regrets on what he would just do. It was just a job after all there are worse things to lose, your life for one.

As the smoke cleared the devastation of the big red button was apparent, the walls were splattered with blood, the bodies it had came from were no where to be seen, that at least was a blessing. And in the smoke was the one thing he had not wanted to see. The occupant of cell number 27. He looked up with a face like hell itself and said

Samuel James chandler” in a whisper “your time has come”. That rather dramatic sentence was ruined by the fact he fell over and hit himself on the wall.

Sam sighed, this was a long day and he would spend ages tied up in paperwork, if he ever got home that was, the occupant of cell 27 was supposed to be able to kill with a thought. Although that rumour came about is a mystery. He sighed again. If he was going to spend so much time clearing up after this he may as well get some good out of it, he could finally do some tests, he shall call him specimen 27 so they don’t find out, he thought. It’s been a long day.

As he walked past Trev he was asked how the kill order went, “Terrible” he said “so many specimens destroyed, I will have a hard time to get this many I can experiment on again.”

“What about that one” he asked “it’s still together”

“don’t know” I replied “smoke clears this guy is left in the middle of the hall, probably from cell 12 or something, it was near there when I found it”

“And cell 27” he inquired “is that one gone?”

“Nothing left but a set of manacles”

“That good, I don’t want him lose, not now, not ever”

“That is one thing I can agree on totally” Sam and Trev never saw each other again, Trev got fired, and Sam got rapid promotion, why neither of them knew. Neither knew the implications of that day. No-one could predict what would happen other than two little boys, somewhere, shot upright from their sleep, with a strange feeling that the world was about to get a lot worse.

The End

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