Chapter one, Part Two

He left of his wondering at Cell 27 and wandered back down the stark white corridor, still in contemplation, habitually ducking the plates the inmates threw at him. That was one of the jailers ideas, made of foam so as not to hurt it gave the prisoners something to do in their many days as inmates, they had the name of the prisoner to, so as not to get lost or used as currency, if they ever went out of their cells that was.
            “Morning Sam” That was Trevor, the burly, if kind hearted jailer that guarded the main part of the crazy block. “Morning Trev” I said, “didn’t know it was shift change already”
            “You missed it, don’t know how, you were to busy staring at Cell 27, Creepy one that, parents gave him here when he was born.”  Trev whispered “don’t know why really, he didn’t float blocks round the crib, that I know”
            “ I knew that too Trev, it’s the only thing about this guy we do know other than the fact it definitely wasn’t the blocks that freaked them out, I think it was the house, or possibly the rhino they gave him” I said, “there is just so much we don’t know about him, other than those two things we have spoken about, and the fact he is not to be moved, fed, or even have his door open, and that is the end of that as far as we are concerned” .

The End

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