Unnamed-NaNo 2010

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Unnamed- NaNoWrimo 2010

The doctor walks down the corridor, tipping his hat to the guard as he passes, He halts infront of a cell. The cell was white. Not the white you get used to seeing in hospitals, it was a dark white, with flecks of green, showing that it had not been cleaned any time recently. And yet, it had the same feel as all the other cells, or correctional rooms as the hospital staff liked to think of them. And yet there was a person in it. In an unclean room, left there to die, as he had been since the 1980’s. When he was born.
            He was a child, by the terms of the hospital, with it since the beginning, the foundation, perhaps even the first to come to the place for “correctional measures” and yet, he didn’t exist. Even the time of his incarceration was unknown, all that is know was that he was here when had to start documenting prisoners. As far as the records were concerned. The new Head of the ward did not know what to do. As far as the child was concerned he had instructions, left by his predecessor, to leave him alone, no name, not even a number, just cell 27, leave, and hope it never has to be opened. Those were the words of the last ward head, now a true head, somewhere in the mountains, found by bandits, with nothing to do, and children at home. Oh well, a promotion is a promotion. Even if it went to the wrong person, as most others thought.
            He was Samuel Lawrence chandler, 24, new head of the terminally insane, strange and just plain weird ward of the St Marco de Angelo hospital for criminal magic’s. A strange man by many accounts, concerned with noting but his job and how to fix those under his care. And this case got right on his nerves. He was not allowed to do tests and take samples as he was with the other Prisoners that he oversaw, and they were prisoners, no matter what the people said about this place, they were prisoners and he was their jailer. He tried to make it well for them when they went, be he felt they never understood him. No matter what he did or tried to say they just regarded him with a strange look, you can never understand the minds of the criminally insane; you just pretend you can to get a larger salary.

The End

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