Meeting The Other Team MembersMature

Me and Doug continued following Grace until we got to the next room. I opened the door and inside was a woman, long brown hair and hazel eyes. She was sat on her bed, waiting for someone to come through her door. When I walked in she immediately got up.

Hey, I'm Summer, your Dean right?” she asked

Yes I am, welcome to the team Summer” I replied

Again, we all followed Grace to the next room, and inside was a guy, loading his sniper. He had black hair, that went up to his shoulders and his eyes were a very dark green colour.

Dean?” he asked

Yes, you must be Liam” I replied


Welcome to the team Liam”

We walked out of the room, along more corridors, I started to wonder how big this place actually was.

Don't worry, last one now Dean” Grace said

We came up to a room, and the door was locked. I knocked onto it, and another girl answered. She had shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes. She looked at me suspiciously, and I could see the shotgun in her hand.

If you don't tell me why your here I'll blast your brains out” she threatened

I'm your new captain, Jenny” I stated

Oh” she put down her shotgun “we going now then?”

Yes we are, follow me guys” I walked and they all followed, except for Grace, she walked back the way she brought us.

We went onto the air pad, and I turned to face the team

Alright, Jenny and Liam, you go on one chopper, Doug and Summer, your with me. Let's go”

The End

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