Meeting Team-mate #1Mature

Hours after last night, it was about 7:00am and I was awoken.

“Hey there Dean, you ready to get going now?” asked a voice, I was barely even awake to know who it was. “Its time for your teams deployment”

They all died” I said back, still half asleep.

Oh no, you have a new team, recruits”

Oh great, in a time were I'm needed most and instead they have me doing a babysitting job”

Shut up and come on”

I got out of my bed, ignoring the sharp pain in my leg, and open the curtains, the light blinded me momentarily. I looked out and saw the mountain tops, so peaceful. Its hard to believe that on the ground, its actually as if hell was making its way up to the ground.

I walked down the first corridor from my room, and into the armoury. The armoury had a fine selection of armour and weapons to choose from. When I first came here I was spoilt for choice. But it turned out that you actually didn't chose the weapons you wanted to use. You were given a certain class type for a mission and you were given the weapons needed for the tasks you were supposed to fulfil. But now, you arm yourself with all the fire power you can carry, and get ready for your one way ticket to hell. I put on my armour, and loaded my shotgun then put it on my back. Then I loaded my pistol on put it in a holster on my leg. I then grabbed my standard issue assault rifle and walked out the door to come into a meeting room.

In the meeting room there was screens everywhere, on each one it showed maps of the Earth and where they thought the myth army was going to be headed. Blue dots were us, red dots were them. I could see multiple teams scattered all over the place. Most of them were surrounded, and they were receiving no reinforcements at all. In times like these, if you mess up, your done for.

The commander walked in, wearing his uniform and his black tinted glasses that made seeing his eyes impossible. He also had his hat on that covered up his bald head and he was a fairly tall man. He came up to the main table to give everyone their briefing.

“We have many demon holes around the mountains near our base, we need to drop these bombs into them and fill them up with debris and corpses” ordered our commander “simple as that, Dean, your team will be in a helicopter providing cover for the bomber, permission has been granted for you to shoot absolutely anything that isn't human”

Sounds fun” I replied with a grin.

Now then, follow Grace here and she will show you to your team, get them prepped and ready, this wont be easy”

I followed Grace through a bunch of corridors, they twisted left and right occasionally. Until I came up to the first room. Inside was a giant of a man, at least 6 foot something. He was loading a heavy machine gun on his lap. He looked like he had been going to the gym for years and he had a blonde short hair.

The names Doug, you the captain?” he asked

Call me Dean, welcome to the team Doug”


The End

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