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What would you do if you found a machine that made any thing from a book become real? Well someone unleashed an army of mythological creatures and is using them to dominate the world. They are currently isolated in the UK but how long will the defences last as more and more powerful creatures are released as time passes by.

It all started in that god dam lab. The crazy scientist thought what he was doing was right. Trying to create a scientific machine that could bring back the people back in history just by using the books he had. Strange part is... It worked. He brought back Einstein, he spoke to him too. The scientist was shot later that day, probably because word got out and they wanted to abuse this power. That's when the bad part happened.

The assailant had studied myths and legends, loved them. He wished he could see them, now though... he could. He took over the machine, brought back creatures like Minotaur and Satyrs, and that's just the beginning. He then thought, he could try to kill those he didn't like, or maybe rule the world with an iron fist. People like him make me sick, so power thirsty.

I was one of the first people to have to fight this army back, and it wasn't easy. It started out easy, then the bigger stuff came, even though they didn't use guns like we did, they had the strength and numbers to over power us.

We had the country in quarantine, to make sure they didn't get out. The harpies didn't make that easy. But a few AA instalments and there we go, problem solved. We had no idea where their point of origin was, so it was a matter of many teams all over the entire country, scouting seeing if they could find a hint at least, to where they were coming from. The lab was first tried, and first to be thought clear.

At one time we thought we had found it, only to be disappointed. We regrouped in a secret base hidden somewhere in England’s mountain range, ready for our next scouting. The harpies yet again, will not make this easy...

Later that day though, the scouting mission was cancelled, apparently something pretty big happened. The floor started sinking in and demons came from out of the holes that were created. We didn't know how to close them or seal them or anything. They were pretty big and hundreds upon hundreds of demons came out every minute.

I was reassigned, told to stop my scouting and get back to base. My chopper turned around and then we were attacked by harpies. They mainly went for the pilot, but some went for us inside the chopper. Pete was the first to go, he got pulled out by one, somehow he took a lot of them out with him on his way down. Second was the pilot, we started twirling around in circles for at least 10 minutes. Barry fell out then, and went into the chopper blades, nobody saw it, just heard it. I'm glad I didn't see it.

Harold died upon the actual crash, he was crushed underneath the chopper, he was hanging outside of the helicopter. But he was on the side that it crashed on, so all i could see was his hand by the door. So it was just me and Charlie. We weren't too far from the base, but with a damaged leg like I had at the time, I couldn't climb a mountain. Charlie picked me up on his back, he was a big lad. It wasn't long before the harpies noticed we were alive, I stared shooting at them so they couldn't get at us. Everything went quiet for a bit.

When we got back to base, Charlie just collapsed and was rushed to the bases medical room. Apparently he died before he got there. They found parts of the chopper inside his body, and he died of internal bleeding. They advised that I got some sleep, so I went to my quarters and lay in bed, thinking until I finally drifted away into a long, deep slumber.

The End

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