Car Ride

At precisely 6:00, Jade's dad pulled up into my family's driveway in an old pick-up truck. Picking my bags up from the floor, wincing slightly because of the weight of them, I hurried out the door and across the yard, to the truck. 

"Howdy, Raven." He said. I smiled and nodded a hello to him as I placed my bags into the back of the truck and climbed in. "How ya been?"

"Fine, thank you. How about yourself?" I responded, trying to act polite. 

"Mighty fine, thanks." He said with a smile. Then he pulled back out onto the street and began the 20 minute drive to his house.

I stared out the window, watching houses and trees go by. Neither of us said anything for awhile, and I didn't think either us were going to, either. But then he surprised me.

"So... That Erik kid..." He began. I looked over at him, waiting for the rest of his question. "What's he like?" 

"Oh. He's nice. Awful funny, too." Then I realized exactly what he wanted to know. "He's a good guy. He wouldn't hurt Jade, or do anything else with her..." 

He nodded, and neither of us said anything else the rest of the way. 

The End

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