The Invite

The story of a teenage girl and the fight she has with her best friend.

I sit in my room, the door locked and music playing. My laptop sits on the floor a few feet away from me, along with my phone and iPod. I'm home alone because my brother is practicing with his band at his friend's house, and my mom and dad are at work. 

The song changed, and I saw the words "Daughtry- Used to" flash across my iPod's screen, telling me the name of the new song. With a twinge of sadness and regret, I think of my best friend as I listen to the lyrics. Or shall I say, my ex-best friend. We had a fight a few years ago, and we haven't talked ever since. I still remember the day that it happened like it had only happened minutes ago.

We had just came out of the classroom for algebra with the rest of the class, excited because it was Friday and school was over. 

"Raven, wanna come over to my house tonight?" Turning around at the mention of my name, I saw Jade, my ex-best friend, standing a foot or two away. People were shoving around her, occasionally cursing at her for being in their way, because they were in a hurry to get home and enjoy their weekend. 

"Sure. Is anyone else coming, or is it just you and me?" I asked. 

"Just Erik. My dad'll come and pick you up around 6:00." She replied. Erik was her boyfriend, and my best friend. 

I nod and then turn back around, making my way out the front doors of the school and back home. 

The End

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