The tunnels

Fear, rage, confusion, worry, and sadness. Those five emotions are the story of my entire life. As I began my march through the strange, torch lit tunnels, I couldn’t help but question a few things. Where are they taking me? Where am I?! How did I get here? Who are these people? Why do they want me, of all people? I sighed, feeling uncomfortable and in pain because of the ropes that tied my hands behind my back. The rope was rubbing my skin raw, digging into my wrists harder every time I moved a muscle. I could feel the rope moisten with my own blood, making it even more uncomfortable for me.

            Surrounding me in the tunnels were dozens of other kids, tied in the same style I was, and being pushed around by soldiers and guards. I knew they were as frightened as me, because of their horror stricken faces. Though there were one or two spunky ones who looked excited. I don’t know why anyone would be excited for this. They must be crazy, mentally ill, or something like that. 

            This was new for me. Everything was new for me….The people, the place, the feeling in the air. Everything. I’ve never been allowed to leave my house, just like all the other children of Codab. There’s a law enforcing children to stay their house until they’re 16. The law is not to be broken unless you get the government’s approval first. Or, soldiers and guards of the FBI invade your house, tie you up, and drag you away. Away from everything you know, everything you’re familiar with. And that’s what happened to me, and all the other kids in these tunnels. 

The End

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