I don't exactly have a summary yet . . . but I have a chapter! There probobaly won't be another one for a while, but I just want to see what kind of response I'm going to get on this. I don't have a title yet, and I hate to put "Unnamed" but I have to.


“Come on Ashling, just one more bite!” said Miss Leevy.

“Nope,” I screamed, shutting my lips together. I had to hide from her evil grasps. Her now blood red eyes bore into mine.

“Ashling! Open your God damned mouth!”

I squirmed from her grasp, thrashing my arms and legs as my foot connected with her head and made a satisfying Crack!

“Ha!” I yelled, jumping off of my bed with the scratchy white sheets and running to a corner of my white padded room, my dressing gown swaying.

“Damn it Ashling!” screamed Miss Leevy as she left the room, slamming my white door behind her. I went to a chair in the opposite corner of the room and sat down. I hated it when Miss Leevy’s eyes changed to their blood red colour, it meant she was really mad, and then I had to hit her to change her back, but every time it got harder and harder. She and Mr. Crumps, the leader of the evil people like Miss Leevy, were always trying to get me to do things I didn’t want to. They were mean.

“Aaaaash!” called a quiet voice that echoed through the walls of my room.

“Declan!” I cried as he appeared in his smoky figure in front of me.

“Heya,” he said.

Oh, I guess I should explain something first.

I live in a palace of magical people. The evil ones, as we call them, think that we’re crazy, hence the white padded room, but we’re not. We’re really magic (or supernatural)!

My best friend since I’ve been here, since I was 5, has always been Peter. He’s a totally awesome person, and his body can separate from his soul. So, right now, he’s most likely sleeping in his room while he’s talking to me in my room because his body freezes as soon as he leaves it.

“How have you been?”

“Well, Dircksten is still trying to get me to eat those crappy ham sandwiches. It tastes like a fucking elephant farted on them!” I burst out laughing because Miss Leevy was trying to make me eat the same thing!

“That really sucks,” I gasped through laughing fits.

“No Kidding!” he floated over to my bed and laid there, well, kind of. I got up and went to my bed, lying down beside him. He floated up so that he was lying on an invisible bunk bed above me.

“I wish I had your powers,” I pouted.


“Cause then I could go anywhere and no one would know!” I said, “Plus, I could come visit you for a change,”

“Meh, I like coming here,” he said, smiling at me. I giggled and blushed, small flames alighting on my cheeks. I quickly thought of water and ice and the flames went away.

“Oopsies,” I said and Declan laugh at me, “Shut up Dec!” I thrust my fist upwards but it only connected with air.

“You can’t get me!” he said, disappearing from my room but his voice still rang through the room, an echo of him. “Bye Ash,” he whispered by my ear, but when I looked, he was gone. I sighed quietly and smiled to myself, thinking about Declan as the small bite of the sleeping pill sandwich that Leevy had fed me kicked in and I drifted into a dream filled slumber.

The End

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