Unmentionable- Night outMature

Gorden dropped me off in the area of town where the terrifying car ride with my father had been so many years ago. We passed the same array of dark buildings and shadowy figures, but they no longer scared me. It was the people in cars that scared me.

When Gordens rusty old sudan stopped at the corner of Broadway and James street, he all but threw me out of the car and tossed my purse out after me. That tiny black and pink purse was the most important thing for me to have right now, it contained everything that I needed to survive. I teetered up the side walk to the edge of the building under the one street lamp on the block that hadn't yet been broken by one of the many thugs in the area, it's light flickered a bit, but at this point I really didn't care. Somewhere in the distance a car horn honked and I winced to think that the driver was most likely honking at one of the girls one corners like mine. Looking down I tried to distract myself with looking at the flashes of light that bounced of the sparkles on my violently pink tights coupled by the glittery flower on the mini skirt I wore. I tugged at the bottom of the skirt, trying to lengthen it to more appropriate lengths. The skirt and tights, as well as the skimpy black top I wore, were not my choice, but Gordens. No words can come close to describing my hatred for him, especially for this. If it weren't for Luke, the chances that I would have survived him weren't very good. It was Luke who fought back against my stepfather each night, Luke who made sure that Gordens attempts on using me like this were never fully carried out. 

As if to mirror my thoughts, a dull silver mini van sped around the corner. Luke. Every time my step father made me come out here, I made sure to telephone Luke first so he could come and get me once I was dropped off. As the van came closer, I found myself using all my restraint to keep from running towards it in relief. That van and the driver behind it's wheel meant the only escape I had from being drawn into true horrors. 

Luke screeched to a halt in front of me after what seemed like an eternity and I practically leapt at the handle of the car door before he threw it open for me. Even though he'd come to rescue me so many times before, his  arrivals never got any less urgent. That was what I loved about Luke, he really cared about me no matter how bad a situation I was in or the number of times I was in it. I climbed into the car, breathing in the cool minty sent of it, a sharp contrast to the stale beer smell of my step fathers car. Luke enveloped me in a teddy bear hug the second the door was closed and I nearly burst into tears with thanks. 'It's ok sweetie, everything is ok, you're safe now, nobody will hurt you' he cooed in a comforting way, though I could feel his arms shaking 'I brought you your clothes' he said after a moment. 'Thank you' I told him and he kissed the top of my head before releasing me so that he could drive. 

The End

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