Unmentionable- mirrorMature

I think of all of this as I stand in the full length mirror in my room. On the top corner I've pinned a picture of my boyfriend, Luke, and I sitting on the swings at the park down by the harbor. The picture was taken about six months ago on my fifteenth birthday, the one my mom forgot because she was too drunk. Luke had taken me for lunch that day at a burger stand that overlooked the boats anchored in the docks, the burgers tasted like cardboard, the fries limp, and the milkshakes melted, but I loved every moment of it. A pang went through my gut as I thought of him, he was so sweet to me even though he knew what my life was like, even down to the very last detail. Somehow even though I'd told him everything he never left me. My thoughts were cut off at a heavy knock at the door. Gorden. 'you just about ready to go sweetie?' he asked through the door 'we wouldn't want to keep anybody waiting'. I sighed and replied 'just a second, I'm just finishing up' while pinning my flat ironed hair up with a bobby pin. My mom was out for the weekend again so Gorden had me all to himself, I had no choice but to do what he wanted. As I reached for the door nob I was stopped by my reflection, and nearly ruining my makeup at my reflection. But then Gorden hammered on the door and I had no choice but to throw open the door and leave with him. 

The End

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