Unmentionable- monsterMature

It was the last week of the summer before my grade ten year ,but it was still very hot out. I lay in my bed and stared at the cracked ceiling, counting the seconds that the clock on my bedside table ticked off. 56...57...58...59...60...1...2... the time stretched on.

The only other sound was the droning hum of the air conditioner, until a creak of the floorboards outside my door muffled by dirty carpet reached my ears. I froze. The only person who ever went into my room at night was me, and very occasionally my mother- but my mother was away visiting a friend. My door creaked open and Gorden walked in and looked over me. Even in the heat, my face paled as I knew something wasn't right. Gorden wasn't allowed in my room, ever since he moved in I'd made it clear. He continued to stare at me in the dark and I cringed into my worn out bed, tugging the thin sheet up to my chin for protection. Gorden took a step forward, which was all he needed to cross my bedroom and be standing at my bedside.

After a few moments of terror, he left the room. I stayed frozen in place listening. I heard a phone being dialed and Gorden's voice carried into my room 'ya, she'll be good for the job, I should be able to get about ten bucks an hour from her' a pause then a laugh, then  a click, then silence. I went back to counting seconds, 12...13...14...15...16...17...18...19...20...

The End

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