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Since that night in the truck, things have been a lot different for me. A bad as things were, they got a whole lot worse in a short span of time, which I guess that I should have predicted. For one, my mom started dating this guy named Gorden who seemed treated her amazingly well, almost too well. After only six months of seeing him, he moved in with us into out cheep second floor apartment. For the first months, things seemed ok, he was careful to be the perfect partner to my mom, and every thursday he brought home a big fat check for our family. But then after about 3 months of this, things started to change, mainly the things he brought home. He still brought home his paychecks every week, but now they were accompanied by large cases of beer and vodka for my mother and him to drink after they thought I was asleep. At the time I was seven years old but even then I didn't like it, something didn't feel right about him and he was changing my mom into a different person, somebody who was less caring and more angry. This went on for years but my mom still adored him just as much as she does now. 

I just wish she could have seen who he really was.

The End

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