Unlucky 13

I sink farther under the water in the tub. The bubbles are so close to engulfing me. Oh my god! What time is it? I look at the radio clock and saw it was only 8:30. "Ok, good," I thought, closed my eyes and let the bubbles take over my body. "Gracie." Quickly, I popped up out of the tub looking. Gracie? No one's called me that since the accident. Now I go by my full name, Gracelyn. And if you're wondering, yes my parents were Elvis freaks.
I decide to let the water go down a little so I can shave. I just begin when, I... I see something in the mirror. A little girl. I turn around and nick my self. But, luckily, no one's there. When I go back to shaving I find my self looking at, at..... Her. "You're, bleeding." Her voice is barely understandable she's so quiet. " But... not as much as me." she smiles and begins to dance like a very, very bad ballerina. Then I see it. A face a haven't wanted to even think about in 13 years.

Her dress is bloody with rare spots of it's orginal color, white. Her teeth are pinkish. Her hair hasn't been touched. It's still the same wavey blonde it was when she was 6. Now she should be 19, but no, she's still 6. She'll always be 6.

"Christy. What do you want?" I asked her.

" Nothing, Sissy. I just want to play. But, not with the kite." She said kite like it was a curse. " No I'm not gonna play. I have a big date tonight." I told it how it is. " Ooooooo, Gracie's got a date, but I thought you can't date until you are 16. You're only 13." She pointed at me. Wait a sec, what can she see doesn't she see I'm 26? "What do you see?" I asked her.
"You." Christy satdown next to me. " Yes, but, Chrissy how old am I?" I looked into here soft blue eyes. After all, it was my fault she's here.

I wish I could make that day go away forever. God, I re-live it almost every day. Aunt Crystal had just bought me a new kite. I loved kites, so immediatley I ran out side while Aunt Crystal and our mom went out. Christy was mezmerized by my yellow and green kite. She asked if she could play with it, I was so close to saying no, but I knew she would tell. She always was a tattletale. I let her fly and she got it stuck on the roof. I yelled and yelled at her to get it down. We lived in a huge victorian mansion. 3 stories actually. She climbed to the attic and procceed to the roof. I yelled at her some more. I called her baby and yelled it reak loud. Christy looked down, and just like that, I was digging a hole. It was under the deck. I wrapped my baby sister's body up in garbage bag, and burried her.
She was trying to make me tell the truth I know it. When the police asked me about her I told them a lie. One that I won't get to go to heaven for telling. I told them about our neighbor and how he was kissing and touching her then he hit her with his shovel. The same one I burried her with. He was arressted and then he cursed me. He went on about how if I don't tell the truth, Christy will find me. And sure enough, her she is.

The End

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