leaving the world dark

The lights falling from the sky to illuminate my existence burn bright and leave the world a dark place.

His ear may be long gone, the lights have fallen dim and I may be left in a room too dark to find my way out. The lost voice fills the room


"I lived everyday, day by day, year by year, and minute by painful burning minute; with no one in a straight born conservative christian world with no one. No one to feel the pain I felt no one to know the pain of knowing you will NEVER be loved that way! You will never fall into this word, this conception of love. YOU will NEVER have a family; to know YOU are deceitful and be reduced to pleading for love in dirty bars and sleazy restrooms, chat rooms full of people like you. No one could possibly know how I felt, and nobody else in this bloody-freaking world could possibly be FAGGOT LIKE ME!" 

I remember after that summer knowing I was LOST

The End

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