Part 4

The sun has risen and set fifteen times now. I’m still not certain where I’m headed but I have found the river which I believe runs though our village. If it gives us our water it may also give water to people further along, if I follow it I might just find them. Hopefully being near to water will also make it easier for me to hunt, animals need to drink after all. It’s a bit out in the open, but I’m not too worried about that. We were always taught in classes that being in the open is a sure way to let your enemies see you and get yourself killed, thing is, I don’t think I have any enemies. I’ve certainly not done anything terrible on my journey so far, so I’m hoping that anyone I come across will let me explain what I’m doing before they just kill me. If I can explain that is, I don’t know if anyone else speaks my language out here. That’s another battle to fight when I get to it.

I sit down for a while under a large tree which I cannot remember the name of. It’s so peaceful away from the village, away from the many hours of sword practice or forging classes. Everything is so loud back at home, I’ve never known somewhere as quiet as this woodland. I can hear birdsong, and the running of the water. Until I left Teaghais I didn’t even know that birds sang! I knew that they tasted pretty good and that you can eat nearly all species of bird, but never that they sang. None of the ones that came close to us got a chance to sing. Even if some did they would have been
drowned out by the endless clanging and bashing that comes with battle. Perhaps if it was as quiet as this in the village we would spend more time learning about things other than killing one another. With this peace all around me I certainly feel even less inclined to get up and start making all kinds of noise.

A pair of fuzzy mammals hop past my feet, I think they’re edible but I don’t make any move towards catching them. They’re really rather cute when you stop and look at them, big ears and fuzzy white tails. They aren’t going to try and hurt me I don’t think, so why would I want to hurt them? I’m not hungry. They don’t seem to notice me at all as they drink from a small pool at the side of the river; perhaps if there are people around here they don’t eat the animals, so they have no need to be afraid. The thought is a strange one to me but anything is possible out here. It’s getting towards the setting of the first sun; things can start to get dangerous around that time so I pick up my bag and reluctantly move from my stopping place. At the sound of me the fuzzy little beasts bolt off into the distance, seems I was wrong about them. I took one final look at that calming place then kept on moving.

Finding a safe place to bed down for the night was always important, no matter where you are. Living in such a paranoid village had taught me that at least. Even though we were all born into houses we were taught from the earliest age to climb into and sleep easily high up in the trees just in case we ever need to escape from some deadly enemy. I’ve not seen any other person in all the time that I’ve been away, not even any of our hunting parties, but I wouldn’t want to risk myself by sleeping on the ground. People aren’t the only problem with floor sleeping either, oh no, there are insects that can strip the flash off of your limbs not to mention the
fang-beasts which will outright eat you. It’s not wholly safe in the trees either, there are still needle-birds to worry about and of course the risk of falling out of the tree. I’ve not heard the hum of needle-birds for three moon risings now, so I’m fairly confident that I will be safe from them, but I still need to find a place that I’m not likely to fall from.

The End

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