Part 3

I’ve been walking for days. Moving through the undergrowth is harder than I expected. We never moved as far away from camp as this during lessons, I struggled in the sparse woodland surrounding the village and now I’m in dense forest. I can walk soundlessly for the most part, even on the dry leaves and twigs, which is a definite bonus when it comes to hunting. I’m useless with a bow and I can’t snare so I’m left with sneaking up on things. This doesn’t leave me the largest amount of options for what I can catch. Mostly I’ve been taking the ground birds, fowl are never bright but these are particularly dim, you can catch them just by covering their heads. Nobody could mess that up. I was always fairly good at recognising herbs and edible plants so that’s not an issue either. Mostly I’m struggling with the heat. The suns are particularly hot this season, thanks to them both being in the same place in the sky. It’s brilliant for the crops but it’s not as good for us. It’s rarely this hot, and I would never have chosen to move away now if I had been able to predict the endless heat. Still, I’m here now, no use complaining about it. At least I’m not in the mountains, though I’m may have to move past them. I’ve heard stories about demons and those who worship them, they’re said to live way up where nobody can hear their atrocities. I don’t want to find out how true those stories are.

I still don’t really have a plan for where I’m headed. I’m just following my feet; maybe something will come of it. I’m generally moving towards the plains, though perhaps not taking the most direct route. I don’t think I know the most direct route, but I know that you follow an eastern path and you’ll get there sooner or later. There are horsemen in the plains, we have no horses in our village, I should like to see one. Perhaps they will allow me to stay with them and study their ways, that or they will try to kill me. People outside our village are unpredictable, mostly because we know so little about them. Maybe I could document the other tribes, take the knowledge back to my people so that we may learn how to combat them should the time ever arise. Though I cannot make the words that stay I have a good memory, I could learn all kinds of new things. I may even be welcomed home with that kind of information, not as a hero, but as a vaguely useful member of society at least. I will fight that battle when I get to it, it doesn’t do to dwell on these things. If I think of home then I may become inclined to want to turn back, and as my brother said, I would not be welcomed in the village. As far as they see it their curse has been lifted and they can move on. I’m doing what I can to see it that way myself, the oppression of the village was like a curse to me, now that it has been lifted I have some freedom. I only wish I knew what to do with it. Until I figure it out, I’m just going to keep on walking.

The End

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