Part 2

No amount of brilliant dancing is going to make me a good fighter. I just don’t seem to have it in me. While I was definitely born of this village and its blood runs through me, I do not appear to be gifted with the same natural talents that have kept us safe through the generations. So I’ve made a decision. I’m leaving the village and my parents to see what’s out there in the world. There has to be someone out there like me, who can show me what I’m missing. Maybe I’ll come back as a useful member of society, maybe I just won’t come back. Whatever happens it will be better than staying the walking nightmare of the village. I don’t think I’ll tell my parents that I’m leaving; it would more than likely be better if they didn’t know. That way they can assume that the Gods are smiling on them and have seen fit to remove their shame. Perhaps I’ll say goodbye to my oldest brother, Eric, he has always been less strict when it comes to my failings. Sometimes he’s even nice.

“Eric, Eric I need to talk to you.” I really hope I’m not disturbing his hand to hand practice; he hates it when I disturb him. He tends to dislike my general presence but he is at least polite about it most of the time.

“What do you want this time Darah? I’m quite busy.” The men in this village always claim to be busy, but I never really see them doing anything at all. Even on hunts it seems to be the women who do most of the work, the men just eat and drink ale.

“I actually wanted to say goodbye, brother. I’m removing our mother’s shame by leaving this village in search of something.”

“In search of what?” He would ask me a question that I don’t know the answer to. Surely if I knew myself I would have told him outright. Why couldn’t he have thought of that? Or simply not asked me to justify my actions.

“I don’t know yet, just something. I will know when I find it.” While my brother can be quite understanding, I’m certain that I puzzle him with most of the things I say. He was blessed with a sharp blade, but not a sharp mind. “It doesn’t really matter brother, just know that I am leaving, perhaps we will meet again.” Please, please let hat be enough for him. I don’t think there’s any more that I can say on the matter.

“You are a strange one little sister. I cannot say that the village will mourn you, try not to come back as you have left. In fact, perhaps it would be better if you did not come back at all. You will not be welcomed.” My brother is always an honest man, but he is not always the most tactful one. In fact, he is never tactful. Nobody is. I suppose you don’t need to be polite when your entire life is killing people. It’s not like it makes much difference.

“Be a good hunter and a strong warrior, Eric.” He did not need me to tell him to be either of those things, but there is really no other way of parting company with somebody. So those will remain my final words to him. With that I packed my survival essentials and here I am, walking through the woods, seeing what I can find. If there is anything to find.

The End

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