A Hero

    "Moon up high, and ground below,

     The light was bright, thick blood aglow,

     One quest failed, one yet to begin,

     To hunt and rid the land of sin,

     Once the land was plagued with men

     And with success so it shall be again,

     Half of blood, pale and pure,A maid to fight, a sword on thigh,

     Half of blood, dark and poor,


     An arm to wield, bloodshed this nigh."


  No-one ever wants to be a hero. They may claim this, but everyone is scared of death, and those who say otherwise are liars. Asano was different to any other cowardly seventeen year old girl, she was strong and quick, a match for any Watcher. But she did not want to be a hero.

   The year was 1927, and eight of the nine lands had mysteriously vanished. Not in a physical sense, no matter how high ranked a magician was, he could not disappear one ninth of the earth, but since the mid-1800's every letter sent, every sailboat sent out, every flier on a voyage there was no sign of it ever again.

   The land of Sage was the smallest and weakest of all the lands before the fall. Now it was the only one left. Sage was merely a small island, it was home to only four hundred men and women, and around seventy underlings. In the centre of the island was the citadel, where the Watchers lived, ancient, religious folk, neither human nor underling. It was where our next hero did dwell.

As previously stated, Asano was no average girl. From a distance, she was average height, had long raven hair and a warm coconut coloured complexion. Asano had sharp features, and was perhaps underweight but there was just one feature which gave away her heritage: her eyes. Since she was young, Asano had been manipulated. Parents told their children to stay away from her in the streets and playgrounds - she was different to them. They first noticed it when she was five years old. She was playing marbles with Samus, a boy from her school. She lost. Samus was never seen again, although nearby children swore Asano had looked at him with her snake-like yellow slits of eyes just before he disappeared into thin air.

     Her powers had always scared Asano, perhaps more than other people, because she was born an underling - a human in all respects except status. She was not meant to have the eye, like the children on the hill who had tormented her throughout her childhood with their beautiful pale skin and elegant silken clothes.

By the time she was eight years old, the islanders called Mother down to the village where she lived, and she was ordered by the elderly strict woman to move up to the citadel to live with the Watchers, mysterious characters with bleach-blonde hair, snow-white skin and cat-like green or yellow eyes. Even there she was different.

     Asano excelled in sports and martial arts. By the age of twelve, she could trip up the most graceful of adult men with a single movement, and the Mother knew then of her fate. The song had been sung, and there was but one child who fit the bill. Asano did not want to be a hero.

The End

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