The Painful Truth

The three of us walked to a clearing a half a mile out of the village and found Chiaro, Acqua and Terra waiting for us. Chiaro looked the way he always did, bright blond hair and farm boy clothes. Terra and Acqua were off to the side probably talking about how cute Chiaro was and making whispered comments about the "outsider" who acompanied us. The red-headed twins did more gossip with eachother than anything and could have a man around theor fingers in seconds. 'If they try anything with Firmino...'

"Why is he here?" Chiaro spat.

"He knows, they were attacked by a shadow creature last night and Fiammetta paniced and used her powers to save the boy. I told you, you should have gone after her." Angelo scolded.

"Oh so this is my fault? Isn't it your job to watch her all the time Mister Gaurdian? Hmmm?" Chiaro replied. The girls simply giggled.

"Can we focus on a bigger problem here!?" I yelled, getting annoyed. I got everyone's attention real fast. "The shadow creature went straight for me even though Firmino was the one going to attack it. They are mellow creatures, they only act out if threatened or paid. Someone knows about me and paid them to kidnap me."

"How could anyone know about you though? So few know of your powers, basically all of us are here, minus your father." Terra said.

"Maybe someone got gossipy." Angelo said casting an eye over at the twins.

"You think we said something? Ew that means we would have to talk to some non-angel..." Acqua said discusted wtih the idea.

"Let's face it, demons are good for parties and humans, well they're only good for one thing." Terra added with a wink at Firmino. He ignored it and placed a hand on my back.

"Could someone have over heard you two gabbing on about something?" Chiaro asked.

"No, we understand the idea of quiet. Something you boys don't." The twins replied simultaneously.

"What if that one guy found her?" Terra asked.

"What guy?" I asked as the other three angels glared at her. When silence answered, I repeated my question with all the courage I had. "What Guy!?"

"I think you should sit down before I tell you." Chiaro said quietly. I complied with his wishes and sat on a nearby rock, and waited. Firmino stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders. "When you were young your family was attacked by.... well by Necromancors... Your father wasn't home though. You were only 4 so your mother did all she could do to protect you. She kept you away from them but..." he paused.

"But what?" I asked hesitantly.

"She got hurt... technically. They cursed her heart. Over the years... it was slowly..... dying, deteriorating. Last year it must have gotten too bad and it...."

"It gave her a slow painful death that lasted 13 years." Firmino finished for him.

I faught the hot tears stinging my eyes. She had been dying the whole time and told no one. She had been suffering in silence just to keep me safe. I'm why she's dead." I squeeked.

"No, Fiammetta. Don't think like that." Chiaro pleaded as he knelt to look me in the eyes. I must have lost my mind because for a half a second it seemed like he gave me the same look Firmino gave me the night before. Open and.... loving?

"That's why all of you came. Because of the Necromancors." I stated. All four angels nodded. I had a thousand questions that I didn't want to ask, so instead all I said was, "Let's getting this training over with."

Angelo cut in then, "I'll look into any possible Necromancy that has happened in the are lately."

I ignored his words and the others asthey spoke of their plans. At this moment all I wanted was to fight. The others talked as I walked over and grabbed my sword. Being plain metal the angels had nothing to fear of it and it got my better adjusted to the blade's weight off the bat. The twins were the first to face me.

They moved fluidly and symmetricly. With my anger and saddness clogging my concentration, my control of my power was worse than normal. My blade was always ready to defend easily but I was basically defenceless against their elemental attacks. When Acqua sent a stream of water my way I was nearly drowned before I got enough fire out to evaporate it. The stream knocked me onto my back and I didn't even get a chance to stand before Terra made it rain stones. I couldn't have cut it closer before I made a sheild of fire that burned the rocks into harmless sand.

I tried multiple times to light my blade but it would always go out the second one of the twins hit it. Frustrated, I decided to send an offensive strike verses defensive hiding. I put my sword into my left hand and used my right hand to throw daggers of fire at the girls. They were clearly surprised and nearly didn't dodge in time. "Can I make a suggestion?" Firmino's voice cut in. 'Great, he thinks I'm stupid now.' I thought as our spar clearly hit a pause.

"Yes, Firmino?" I rolled my eyes.

"Don't think of your power as another weapon. SImply use it. It will come more naturall and not seem so.. forced." he said.

"I'll try." I grummbled. 'Yeah, if it was really that easy I'd be a master at this already.' I thought as the spar restarted.

Once me and the other girls were thouroghly tired and the guys were done watching, I gave my sword to Chiaro. "I don't think you should trust him as much as you do." he whispered to me.

"Why? He's been here as long, if not longer than you guys." I whispered back.

"That's why. He came around the same time as we did and he reaks of death."

"You can't possibly think he was involved in that attack do you. He had to be like four or five."

"Necromancors can look whatever age they want, they're said to be immortal. Just be careful."

I nodded at him and noticed he gave me the same look as he did earlier. I had to be going insane. He can't love me, not the way Firmino does.

The End

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