Angelo's Scorn

The next morning, I awoke on the pile of straw in the barn I  had declared my bed a dozen years ago. I assumed the sun had just risen because the sun light still held the golden tint of a new day. I laid and enjoyed the rare feeling of clean. My relaxation was disturbed by a loud, low, growl. Firmino's snoring.

I looked ove at the mess of a man laying on the old worn down chair I'd thrown in here. For once, I could make fun of his dirtiness. Since last night, after our talk, I had been feeling oddly playful around him. The playfulness kept me awake while he continued to doze off. He still fell asleep after me. My glee of his love didn't hamper with sleep so I decided to have a little fun while waking him up. I walked over to him silently and began to bat his nose with my index finger.

By the forth time he responded by moving my hand away. "Is this how you treat your guests?"

"I've never had a guest who said they loved me before."

He regarded me with a smug look and then reached around to find his seeing glass.

"How very not cute." a male voice came. "I decide to give you 5 minutes alone and what happens? There is a pronouncement of love and worse? Worse: this mortal now knows your secret!" my "friend" with brown hair ranted.

"Angelo, calm down. He has promised to keep it secret." I plead, hoping my gaurdian won't strike him dead. "We were attacked by a shadow creature. It was going to kill Firmino."

Angelo ignored me and looked at Firmino. "Drop to your knees and swear on all you believe in that you will speak of her power only in secret with the angels who have come for her." He demanded.

"Will I be able to speak about it in secret with her?" he asked without standing from the chair.

Angelo stood, ready to strike Firmino in the mouth, but simply exhaled and agreed.

Firmino then got on one knee and stated, "I, Firmino Adalgisa, swear to only speak of Fiametta Airiana's gift in secret with her or with her angels." Firmino then stood and asked, "Happy?"

Angelo gave him no reply and spoke with me. "You realize you have training soon, correct?"

"Yes and I'm aware that Chiaro, Acqua and Terra will have a fit if I'm late, but what of the festival? I would hate to miss the traders."

"You can go this evening." Angelo stated.

"May I come?" Firmino demanded more than truly asked.

"Why would you want to?" Angelo glared.

"I will follow her until death."

"Why?" I inquired. Firmino answered only with a smile. I knew what that smile ment and I questioned him no more. "He will come." I told Angelo.

"Fine, we will make it a little party shall we?!" Angelo said storming off.

"You sure know how to make friends don't you Firmino."

"Yep." he smiled as he followed the angry angel.

I sighed to myself. 'If I was born normal, I would be so bored by now.' I thought as I followed the boys.

The End

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