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I'm not 100% sure about where I'm going with this quiet yet.

The village wasn't a hard place to live, that is, as long as you were friends with  lord Maligno. My home was close to the river, making water accessible to all. We were nearly surrounded by hills, minus the one cliff on the south side, making us safe from most attacks. The people there were friendly, on the outside at least. Despite the warmth Spring and Fall gave us, the Summers would beat us and the Winters would kill us. The village wasn't hard to adapt to and life flowed easily for most.

The village was hard on the few the lord disliked. Maligno  never liked my family. We were always late on taxes; we had feeble sheep to give him and were rank to his nose. I rarely got to bathe in the river because I feared someone would see the burn scars on my back. Few knew of my secret; the few consisted of my mother and father and the few "friends" I had. It was a secret they all swore to take to the grave, a vow my mother had kept. So, my father and I ran the farm alone. I did most of the labor because  my father was growing old and ill. He didn't know that my mother had taught me to read and write; so he saw me as nothing worth use while idle. Therefore, I sat in the dark, moldy barn,  milking Alessia, our oldest dairy cow.

We got Alessia when I was very young and we were both nearing the end of our teen years and she was beginning to lose her  use, soon Father would kill her. With winter fast approaching, I had only a few short weeks left. Alessia knew everything I had gone through, she knew more about me than any of my "friends", my father, or my  actual friend did. And I was going to lose her. I stood from my stool once I got all the milk  I could from her, 'Only half a bucket' I thought sadly. "Well ol' girl," I began as I scratched her neck, "It's getting more and more out of control. Chiaro keeps saying I'm doing better but I don't see it, to me it keeps taking more and more of a life of its own."

"What keeps taking a life of its own?" asked a male voice behind me. I jumped thinking I had just informed Father of my problem but was relieved to see Firmino's silhouette at the barn doors. Firmino was my only true friend. His forever messy brown hair and deep blue eyes were always calming, even when they burned with anger. That anger had never been aimed at me though, only those who hurt me, namely Father. Firmino was a constant in my life, and always there since I could remember.

I stuttered while thinking of a reasonable lie to tell him. "The taxes, they seem to be growing into their own being." I managed to say as he sat on a barrel.

He simply regarded me with calculating eyes that were losing strength, he could only see detail a few feet from his face, all he could see of me was a blur. "Can you walk forward a bit?" he asked, probably tired of squinting at me. I did as asked and wrapped my arms around him.

I loved Firmino. I used to think he loved me too, back when we were younger because of how he would glare at any suitors who came my way, (all of them Father shewed away, he refused to marry me off and have my "cursed thing" passed on.). A courtship never started so I finally dropped the foolish  idea. Either way, I still found comfort in his embrace. He knew I was lying to him, but at the same time he knew I was scared. He didn't question me further. We sat there holding each other for a while before I remembered something.

"I have a surprise for you!" I said excitedly while halfway pulling away from him. He raised an eyebrow as if he was calling me crazy.

"Now what could you surprise me with when you can barely keep yourself clean?" He asked and moved a piece of grease coated blonde hair out of my face, I had planned to visit the river last night but two villagers were enjoying a rendezvous that I had no intention of disturbing.

I looked away embarrassed, 'Maybe that's why he never started courting me,' I thought. "Just stay here." I begged as I ran off to the other part of the barn, passing empty stall after empty stall. I dug through a pile of hay until I found the package of cloth and twine. "I'd seen similar things with the rich, they let people see farther. I thought they could help you." I said as I returned and gave him the package.

He looked up at me confused and untied the strings. He pulled out the wired wrapped glass ovals and raised his eyebrow at me again. "Where did you get glass? It costs more than your home." I was quiet, not wanting to tell him I made the glass by hand with my power. Knowing he wouldn't get an answer, he looked at the glass again. "How do I even use these?" He asked.

"You take these to wires and place them behind your ears, and this wire sits on your nose." I told him as I helped them put them on. "Do they help?" I asked quietly.

He was quiet for a minute before smiling, "It's not perfect vision but I can see much farther now." I smiled back and gave Firmino a hug. "Thank you Fiammetta," he whispered into my hair as he returned my hug.

"Fiammetta!" A familiar voice yelled from the barn doors. Chiaro stood, his brown eyes blazing as he pieced together that I used my powers to make the present. Firmino's gaze on Chiaro was equally intense for ruining our first moment alone in a long while. They had never liked each other, Firmino saw him as an unneeded suitor and Chiaro saw him as a pest that needed to go away.

Chiaro shook bright blonde hair out of his eyes and crossed his arms as he leaned against the door frame impatiently. The boys were dress similarly: white shirt, brown pants and leather boots. Firmino wore the clothes as a farm boy, Chiaro wore them impersonating a farm boy. In truth, Chiaro was one of my "friends", one of the elemental angels sent to teach me how to control my powers.

The End

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