World Unseen

"Drey, please. I tried to warn him off," Marsh went into a long and involved explanation involving people I had not heard of. I tried to take mental notes but by the time he started tying in alchemy and astrology to his reasoning I gave up.  Marsh turned, his marble-colored features a blank. "Alex tells me," he interrupted, "that human beings are creatures of context."

"So they are," the doctor agreed, to get his friend into a better mood.

"Creatures of context. They live in that world unseen, the world of time. Their existence in time is essential to perceiving, interacting, and being human."

"Hiedegger," I murmured. Dreyden focused on me for the first time, smiling a little, but I had not won him over yet. He said, "I had almost forgotten that, it's been so long since I was mortal. I can stroll in the sun, I can kneel down in the very sanctuary of a church if I so desire, yet I am still immortal. Outside time. I have no real humanity." He turned away and drifted into the shadows. His voice echoed back through the hall. "I wanted a cure, Mason. What have you made me into? A thing that casts a shadow in sunlight and pretends to be human."  "Drey," Alex called sadly. But he was gone.
The End

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