Unknown World

It was formed at the height of the Victorian era, an organization dedicated to the complete destruction of anything that would call into question the existence and safety of civilization. Founded by one man who could not die and an ambitious dream to end the destruction he had seen over the centuries he gathered together the best minds of the time. From scientists to foot soldiers they protected the world to maintain the lifestyle people required. Over the years to the present the organization has tried to keep a balance between light and dark, during what we know now as WWII the organization nearly collapsed. Many of the best it had to offer fell to the power that came out of Germany. After losing one of their best to the problems involved, it disbanded, the faithful falling under the jurisdiction of their respected governments to be used as needed, where needed.

Now is the year 2008, a new century began and with it new problems. We are now faced with an old nemesis with new material. I am new to this. As a member of the FBI I was accustomed to unusual assignments but this beat them all. All I am told is find a man named Dreydan Marsh. They tell me he is located somewhere in the fifty states and that he lives with a woman named Alexandra Kincaid. That was all they knew. To find more information about his possible whereabouts I am told to meet an old doctor at Bethesda named Charles Mason. No more is known. I searched all the documents the FBI had on hand but none spoke of Dreydan Marsh. Very little is known about Charles Mason either. Born in 1939, he was the last surviving member of his family. Born in London during the early days of WWII he grew up during Europe’s darkest hours. The rest of his family died during the blitzkrieg on London in 1941. While, according to the files, he should have died in the bombing he was saved by an unknown benefactor who then, it is assumed, continued to care for Mason the rest of his childhood and young adult years. All that is known about those years is that he was given to a family and put up in a rather expensive country estate outside of Manchester. The family was originally not that well off, so many believe they had assistance from someone though none knew who. After a good private classical education, Mason attended Oxford University and went on to attend the Hamburg Medical School (?) at full tuition paid. After his medical school years he for all intensive purposes disappeared from record. Appearing occasionally in record until ten years ago when he reappeared into public view and began working for the Bethesda Naval Hospital as Chief Surgeon. This visit in retrospect was the beginning for me into a world I did not know existed.

As I walked up to the residence of Dr. Charles Mason I see a rather modest brownstone amongst a large number of other modest brownstones. Nothing about the house suggest anything untoward and absolutely nothing to give an explanation to the questions buzzing through my head as I ring the doorbell. The door is answered by an unassuming older gentleman who introduces himself as Mason and after I introduce myself greets me with a hearty handshake and escorts me into his study saying how charmed he is to meet such a abnormally polite young man. After we are settled and he offers me a drink we get down to the question of why I wanted this meeting. He also asks why I wanted to meet him at his home and refused to meet at his office in the hospital. While looking at this man who seems to be the stereotype of the English gentlemen we remember from movies I form my initial question carefully. First, I apologize for any inconvenience I caused him and I reiterated that I worked with the FBI and that we were trying to find a man and that I was told by my boss that Dr. Mason was the only person who might know where this man was located. Mason paused and regarded me carefully. His open expression disappeared slowly. “Who exactly are you looking for?” he asked.

“Dreydan Marsh,”

His expression froze for an instant while the color from his face slowly faded. “I would like it if you would leave now.” He said as he slowly rose from his wing chair.

“Dr. Mason, Please, I was told that you might say that so I was told to call up my boss and let you talk to him.” I handed him my phone and he gestured me out of the study. Thirty minutes later he returned. “You packed to travel?” I shook my head yes. “Well let’s go then.”

“Where to?”

“The airport”

Six hours later we arrived at our destination, which turned out to be a small private airport in a remote part of the Sonora Desert in Nevada. As we debark the plane a black limousine pulls up to the platform. “Get in” Mason says as he hurries to the other side of the car.

“So, who is Dreydan Marsh and why all the secrecy?”

“Your questions will be answered soon enough.”

Soon we pulled up a long winding driveway to a large stone house. “Dreydan is not going to appreciate me bringing you here. I swore an oath to him when he left never to disclose his whereabouts to anyone. And yet here I am taking you to see him because I have no choice. Just remember let me talk first, do not say anything to aggravate him. I want him to hear us out not to kick us out. Got it?”

I nodded my head as he rang the doorbell to the palatial mansion. As we were waiting for the door to be answered I examined the surroundings. Set on a rather sizable hill the mansion commanded the area that surrounded it. Expanding out from the house for about a half a mile was the only bit of green in a vast expanse of desert. With no trees around except right at the house I was amazed that any of the area was green. Even though it was still early afternoon the sun beat down on the mansion like a furnace.

“May I help you, sirs?” stated the man who answered the door.

I laughed to myself, “I don’t believe it, this guy has a bona fide butler.”

“We are here to see Mr. Marsh, can you tell him that Dr. Mason and a friend wish to speak with him on a matter that concerns him specifically?”

Yes, sir, please come in and wait in the foyer.”

As the butler walked deeper into the gothic style house I noticed a woman in blue jeans and a tank top walk in from the back. She had lightly curled shoulder-length red hair a pretty figure and a deeply tanned strong featured face. She spotted us and her eyes shaded and then lighted up when she recognized Mason.

“Dr. Mason, what a wonderful surprise. It has been so long since we last saw you. Does Dray know you are here?”

“Alex, darling, you are looking superb. Maxwell just went to let him know of our arrival. Alex, may I introduce you to a colleague of mine, Lee Astin.”

Right then an enigmatic presence arrived from behind us. I turned slowly and saw a tall man, dark haired, extremely pale skin, looked to be about in the mid-thirties, but his eyes and voice were what stood out about him, his eyes looked ancient like they had viewed centuries and had seen too much pain. His voice though had a hypnotic effect, like water over rocks in a creek can lull, but in the same token when angered could call a storm in their sound.

“Mason, how are you, what brings you this way?” finally he spotted me and his mood changed slightly he turned back to Mason. “Who is this?” he asked coldly, “I asked specifically that you never ever bring strangers to my house! You know that!”

“Please, Dray, hear me out, I had no choice. He was sent to me to find you and after I heard why I had no choice but to bring him here.”

The End

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