Zombie survivalMature

Morning time. The strange flashing light has gone, which really doesnt look good for us, we are still alone. I just went for a piss, and i could hear tom and jake speaking about going to look at the location of the light, i guess i should've seen this comming.

After telling them that i overheard and then talking about it we have decided to have a look while its light. Even if there isnt anything there we have to go in that general direction too get to outta the town, its the only way without a car. When the infection first started our local councle choose to build a brick wall around the town, everyone helped, they brought all types of materal and equiptment, everyone really came together. Well now that we are all thats left and the zombie population is out numbering us four to one the wall has really back fired on us, its the only thing keeping the zombies in.

I remeber thinking how high the jump was from the roof to the fence and how if anyone of us missed it we would most likely break a leg. Oh by the way if your thinking that we or i must have survived because i am telling all of this to you then stop being such a smart arse, i could be dead, anyway after alot of "you go first" fights we all made it over then fence and luckly the local zombie population was on the other side.

When we were running down the narrow path towards the lights location i remember looking to my left over the garden fences, i can remember seeing a man and a woman zombie eating a child, to only think that a few weeks ago they would'nt have ever of thought harming their child and now they are devouring him as if their loving child was nothing more than a chunck of meat.

When we got to the end of the path way it opened up into the center of town. I had never seen so much blood. The pavement, the walls everything was covered in it. We all froze on the spot, we must have just stood their silent for a few minutes before we heard screeming. We turned and saw a women, she must have been in her late fourtys, she was being pulled at by a zombie, jake just started to run towards her. I wanted to yell at him to come back but if i had of done all the other zombies would have heard and turned towards us and i really didnt want that.

Me and Tom looked at each other, we then turned back at jake he had reached the woman, we then started to run to Jake but by then he had allready hit the zombie that was attacking the woman round the head with his baseball bat. This took out the zombie killing it for a second time. The woman hugged him and started to thank Jake, when we reached him the woman was silent. She was just slumped over Jakes shoulder, she was turning into one of then, the zombie must have of bitten her. She started to attack jake pushing him to the ground.

The End

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