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Anyway, back to the problem at hand. Im currently hiding in a tesco. Yeh, i know a Tesco but whatever it was safe. I managed to get my friends Tom and Jake and took them to tescos, well it was toms idea and we all kinda agreed but i knew the area better so i got us here. About 3 days ago when the last group of survivers left to find shelter we lost power and all the food went of, which is one of the resons we need to leave. Another reason is the fact that there is a charger smashing the front door in and we really dont want to give him a hug.

Im thinking we go out the roof and then jump over the fence to a path which should be safe. Jake on the other hand wants to leave through the back door, i have yet to tell him that the back door is surrounded by a few dosen zombies. Well we have all decded that the  roof is the best idea. we are currently on the roof and the town is in a worse state then we could have of imagioned. The school was on fire and the church spire had collapesed into the street, we could see that even if we could drive we wouldnt get passed the rubble.

We are still on the roof, no one had dared to try jump for the fence  and it didnt help that it was night. However, we could see somthing. Somthing flashing, it was far away, almost the other side of town. After a while we started to guess, we took turns saying what we thought i would be. Ofcoure the first thing that came to mind was other living people another thing that came to mind was a faulty light or a small fire. We didnt want to die but we also didnt want to be alone. I think that in the morning we may try make a run for it, i just hope its still there in the morning.

The End

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