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The noises from outside were making me chill to the bone. I could hear people i know, well use to know, as they moaned. I could see them walking, dragging their feet behind them, it was disturbing. I cannot believe what has happen and i cant even see why it would happen, the goverment? the army? what could possibly happen to make people change into these mindless savages?

Well, no time to sit and wait, the baracades are breaking down. So i guess i better pick up my weapon get my friends and try to fight our way through the hoards of mindless creatures and get to a safe place were we cannot be reached by the horrors that are outside waiting for their next meal. Well, i promise i wont be their next meal and i wont let my friends fall to their death and be eaten by these monsters.

I hope that i can make it. I wish and pray that i make it. I WILL make it....

The End

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