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The sequel to 'Black Night'.


"Please," her sobs echoed all around, although her eyes were dry. It was painful to witness. Three inhumanly beautiful people were standing together a little way away as they watched the scene, two were women, one was a man and they were with a little girl. They stood in the middle of nowhere, just a dry, empty wasteland. The four of them were watching with sorrowful expressions as they witnessed the confrontation between two other inhumanly beautiful creatures. One was a female with a broken expression; an expression that reflected her torn soul, the other one was a male trying to keep an impassive face but some of his agony was showing. It was this female crying the tearless sobs. No one had seen her cry for many years

"We have to do this, my love, I'm sorry," the male said quietly, "They've found out about me and my gift so will try and track me. I cannot hide from them"

"NO!" she yelled back desperately, "No, please, please don't do this. What will I do without you?"

"It's the only way. You must be as strong as I know you can be. You have to erase all my memories so he cannot see you or our daughter or any of the others in my mind. If he finds out about you then he will track you until he can harbour your powerful gift for his own use," he said softly, "That cannot happen. I won't allow it"

"No, no," she moaned. She fell forwards but he caught her. He tilted her head back to look into her eyes; to soak her up, to take her in properly for one final time

"You have to, my love. I know I am the more fortunate one for I will not remember you to feel the agony of our seperation whereas you will always remember. This is to protect our daughter, too, please do this for her," he pleaded.

She cried for a while longer before kissing him for all she was worth. She stood back, put her hands on the sides of his head and closed her eyes. His eyes became wider and wider before he collapsed - something that never happened among their kind normally. She kept her hands on his head for a few seconds more. "I love you," she whispered. She kissed his forehead before running to the others. They didn't say anything. The girl reached for the woman as she approached; they were obviously mother and daughter. The woman picked up the girl and hugged her tightly

"I'm destroying our scent and masking it. Let's go," she said shortly. They ran for miles, moving at an impossible speed. They didn't stop until they reached the border between North and South America. The woman put down her daughter and turned away from all of them so they couldn't see her face. She took a deep breath

"I'm going to go on, on my own," she said lowly, "Continue south. Find what you can about children like my daughter. Protect her and keep her safe. I have so much to find out myself. If I can, I'll come back to find you"

"Sist-" one of the other women started to say

"No, sister!" she cut her off sharply, "You can't come with me. It could be dangerous." The woman knelt to look her daughter in the face. "You be a good girl now," she murmured pulling the girl into her arms, "Be good to your aunt and stay safe. I love you"

"I love you, too, Momma," the girl whispered. Her mother let her go and ran away. Within seconds she had disappeared from sight. Tear's streamed down the girl's face as she stared after her mother, now she had no Momma or Daddy. There was a hand on her shoulder, she turned to look up into the face of her Auntie

"Come on, Faith, let's get going. It's what your momma wanted." Faith nodded and her aunt picked her up. Faith promised to practise with her gift - the same gift as her Momma's but less powerful and she, Faith, saw the light in the world instead of the dark - and would help with research and be as good as her momma's adopted papa. She swore to herself she'd do this, do this to make her Momma proud.

Tears continued to pour down her cheeks as they journeyed south... as they left her mother far behind them.

The End

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