"KIRA!" I screamed as tears fell out of my eyes. I didn't know why, but my heart was racing and my hands were shaking. I saw the lifeless body on the ground and panicked, and so I grabbed my phone and dialed 9-1-1, but before I could call the cops a hand went on mine and pulled the phone out of my hands.

By this time almost the whole school had gathered around to see, "Leave her to me," Kyle had said after he slid my phone into his pocket and tossed me his keys, "See that blue car? That's mine. Don't ask how I got it... I just have one, so if you want to help your friend then open the door and sit in the back."

I obediently opened the door like he had said and sat in the back in the light blue Honda mini van. He was right behind me and I scooted down and he set Kira on the seat and laid her head on my lap.

He drove somewhere, but I didn't really care. I took the water that Kyle had given me and a napkin and dabbed her face.


The ride was long because it was already about five when I woke up. Kira had been stirring and I could feel the uneasiness that she felt, but i didn't try to wake her.

Kyle had parked in a garage and had Kira in his arms and carried her in.......

I swear that if there wasn't a bar by the door I would've fainted because the house was HUGE!!!!!

I thought about the house and then Kira, ans I decided that Kira was more important so I forgot about that large house, not bothering to look around anymore and followed Kyle into a room...

The End

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