That boy seemed so familiar and yet so disatant and far. He brought light to our table and I was so happy to see her smile. She hadn't smiled for days. This boy had brought the smile to her. And that, made me smile. He sat with us and we talked and laughed, but I could still see resistant in Alex. Like her outside was smiling and her inside was just blackend.

When the teachers dismissed us, I went part way with her and continued when she was gone. The bell rang right after I stepped through the door. The boys face ran through my mind over and over again. Vision after vision hit me like lightning. Headaches consumed me, and I was in pain you wouldn't belive. No one noticed me, I was in the back and quiet despite the pain. A dusty field, two sides, dead soldiers everywhere. Only three people living, two on one side one on the other. The bell rang after fourty-five minutes. It sounded like someone banging a gong inside my head. I got outside the classroom, and was hammered with the sounds of laughter and yelling. With too much noise, I collapsed.

The End

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