Finally, Something New

I walked down the halls. Quietly. The visions had started bothering me and I was always quiet now. I never wanted it to be like this though. I was in 8th grade. People say that it's supposed to be a great year, but I dont know.... I guess I was just special. It was lunch and a boy came up to me and Kira who were eating our lunch, only exchanging smiles and a couple words.

"Can I sit with you?" asked the boy that just walked up to us.

"Yeah sure," Kira said with a welcoming smile, "Did you get your food?"

"Kira, if he doesn't have any food that means that he either doesn't want to eat or is trying to starve himself to death," I smiled and then laughed.

"Haha, yeah, she's got a point. I'm just not a lunch person anymore... or at least not at school. The food here looks... wrong," he made a face and sat down with us.

From that moment on... I had been happy. It's like my heart and soul had just been opened up and light was finally coming, but more importantly... the light was spreading.

I saw Kira's face light up as I smiled and laughed with that new boy, and I enjoyed every moment of that day. I saw him in the halls and his name was Kyle. Something was special about him... something that was unique.

He was like me in so many ways and he had answers to all the questions I had in my head which loosened me up, "Really? Giraffes can have 14 inch tongues?!" I nearly screamed, "Wow," I was awe struck.

"W.O.W. That is cool," Kira chimed in.

I looked at Kira and the way she looked at me. She seemed less stressful and more like the way she used to be before any of this happened. I was happy for her AND for me, so I continued to laugh, but deep down, there was still a shadow yet to be discovered.

The End

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