She was usually upset these days, coming to school with a frown on her face. Just thinking, not talking. This worried me. I knew why she was upset but I didn't want to call her out on it. She was supposed to help me get to the bottom of this, nothing she couldn't handle. But the worst of it got to her and now, it was like talking to a dead body. This wasn't how our friendship had started, and I certainly hoped this wasn't how it would end. We were both on edge and now she wasn't talking to me. The visions were what I thought was causing this problem. I had many of everything, and she only had one. The exact same one over and over again. My days consisted of no eye contact with her nor and hey's, hi's, or you suck's. I missed those addmitedly. One word would make me a little less worried. Just one, butit was more than I could hope for. The only words exchanged between her and I were in our phones and online. That wasn't the same. Before all this happened you could hear us laughing in unision and now, all you could hear was the spread out laughter from all around you. Gloom followed her where ever she went and I was usually behind it, walking in its shadow.

The End

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