Can you sleep in a dream?

'I dont know...' i replied whispering, moving my eyes around the room in fear.  'why are you so calm? who are you? where am i?'

'erhmm, im in a dream Ella. This is surely a dream.' Kate laughed. 'I'm Kate and i dont know why your in my dream.'

'your funny. real funny. Wheres the little baby?' I Yelled and ran out of the building, out of the double marble doors.

'MY RESERVATION?!' I heard Kate Yell back. I ran out and in desperation fell to the ground. Which was infact sand. i was still on this island jungle place. I ran to the rocks near the shore and looked around, to the sky. The giant was no where to be seen. that terrible monster. What next Mermaids?!

'Its not normal i know.' Someone spoke to me behind.

The End

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