Edward Returns

My name is Kate. I'm lost.

The last sensible thing I remember was watching Edward make a brilliant demonstration of how stupidly simple and recklessly destructive he could be. I can't call it selfishness because he didn't get anything out of it. It was just a habit. There was a small kid who had responded to the bullies' taunts with a cold, distressed confusion. It was hopeless. Didn't that kid know how to survive? I couldn't hear the kid make any noise over the cheering of the crowd. Disgusting. I couldn't watch.  But not my buisness- I turned away, and when I turned back, reality had slipped away and I was left in a dreamland alone.

Eventually I found myself in a forest, watching as, far away, a giant Edward stumbled through the undergrowth. If Edward is changed in this dream of mine then maybe I've changed too. I grip a tree for support as I feel dizzy and my head spins. The feeling subsides, but I worry that if I relax at all I will loose touch with even these shadows of reality. And maybe then... I'll die.  I must stay awake.

The End

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