two suns?

Trembling in the sudden stillness, I looked to the east, shielding my eyes from the sun. Seeing nothing, I turned away and found myself squinting into another sun. Concern struck me. Two suns? Was I on another planet?

Before that worry was fully formed in my mind, a loud crash of crumpling trees caught my attention, and I realized I wasn't looking at a second sun. I was looking at the same sun, but from another direction. I had been transported to a clearing beside a forest.

Another crash.

And another.

Getting closer.

The vibrations shook the earth beneath my feet, and I lost my balance and fell against the trunk of an ancient tree. I peered around it just in time to see the owner of the crashing footsteps emerge from the forest.

It was a giant. A real giant. And not just any giant. A familiar one.

The End

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