Two of Us

I paced around the beach looking into the thick jungle, hoping to see the woman once more. but no luck. I sat on a large rock and placed the baby next to me. I looked at him. He was very unusual and did not seem at all familier.

"now where did you come from little one?" i patted the childs head. He giggled softly. I looked at the childs shoe, it was very familier but i could not quite know why it was. i stood up and noticed on the floor, the missing shoe.

I replaced the shoe onto the babys foot. i smiled at him and then noticed a necklace, very simular to the braclet i was given by the childs mother. I touched it gentley and noticed it had a name on it.

"Kai..." i spoke quietly, the wind suddenly picked up and i could hear a small wind chime somewhere in the distance. I stood back up from my neeling position and looked about, blinding by the strong gust.the wind stopped suddenly. I looked rapidly to make sure the little boy was also okay. He was gone.

The End

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