Not the best place to end up.

I looked around and ran straight through the wild surroundings. i ran straight all the way through and didn't stop. i could hear noises around me and birds flew about. leaves fell to the ground and branches snapped at my feet. i saw blue sky infront of me and i ran faster with all my strength, i heard a roar and leaped, i leaped so quickly and so high, i landed on pebbles. And i looked up to find i was on a beach, a pebbley beach, and there infront of me was water. Sea water i was sure of it. there was water and more water everwhere where i looked. i turned to find the jungle i had jsut ran out of. i desided to walk along the pebbly ground and to see how long the beach was. i found a old wooden box which had been washed up from the shore, stuck on a nail was a red scarf. Bright red. i found a stick and tied the scarf onto it. i placed the stick onto the box and left it as my starting point. i walked along the shore. the tide was calm and the air was cold and breezy. i walked and walked and came across lots of different things washed up. a watch, a empty bottle, a load of wood, a bracelet, a childs plastic tiara and a babys shoe. I looked in horror. how and why was a Babys shoe washed up ashore. I felt a sudden feeling of sadness. To think possibly there was a ship or a plane crash and this was the leftovers of the passengers on board. The thought gave me a shiver up my spine. I carried on walking, head held high.

The End

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