"Ella Bellu. dont be afraid, i dont bite." The woman spoke half serious, half laughing.
"Who exactly are you? what am i doing here? and what is it with the rain." I coughed.
"Who i am isint important young one." The woman said.
"i think it is." I laughed. "where am i?"
"your in a desert" The woman spoke.
"well i didn't think i was in the ocean! well i am soaking WET." I butted in.
"be careful." The Woman smiled. I looked at the woman with confusement. Everything suddenly went Fuzzy and i found my self sitting on the grass somewhere. My hands felt the soft green and it felt lovely. I looked about, everywhere was green, infact i was unsure where i was. i stood up and looked up, blue sky, Clouds!  Trees where everywhere very tall trees, and brwon vines and i could hear a dozen different birds. and other animal noises.  I stood around and then it hit me, i was in a jungle.

The End

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