someone with answers? a hereo?

There inside was a man. in a white dress, a long dress down to the ground. I didn't think this was god. Surely not. but the idea did come to me. The man turned to find it was infact a woman. She was natrually pretty and was brunette yet had quite a broad figure. She looked directly at me. I stood in shock. what was going to happen now. I ran outside and fell in a heap on the ground. The woman came outside and stood next to me, i stood up. She pointed at the distance. She pointed at the last bit of sun. I watched it, scwinching my eyes. The Sun finally went and as the last beam of light went down here was a white flash and i swore i saw my house, for those three amazing seconds i saw my whole life around me. and then it started to get dark, the sky was now an orangey colour jsut following along behind. and i turned to the east to see blackness creeping up. i Turned and looked at the woman. She pointed at the Sky. Suddenly, so instantly it started to pour with rain. The woman seemed to be completely dry, but i was soaked, i was drenched i was like unbelivabily wet. The woman looked at me and spoke.

The End

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