I sat in a huff, quite upset, like i was trapped, like it was hell, my hell. like i had been sent here. was i ment to keep traveling? was i ment to find a way out? find a way to die? what was i doing suddenly in a Desert. I sat and sulked, i didn't know what to do next. all i could think about was what will happen to me. is this my new world. a world of what i always felt like i was in anyway. i always said i felt invisible and i was always bullied, that i was weak. but here i am, lonley, and my real strength is being tested. As i glanced around, i hoped that i could find a way out, a way to get away from this place, my faith was being torn more and more, the more and more i walked along the sandy ground. Dragging along my fourth bucket of water with me. i was persistent to carry on walking, just then i saw a figure in the distance, it was a black figure far off in the distance, the sun was slowly going down and was now along the horizan line, so as i scwinched my eyes to see clearer the sun blinded me.

The End

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