Refreshing Water.

There were four buckets. i threw on over myself. The water was cool and refreshing and it wet me from head to toe, it cooled me down as it tingled down my boiling hot, dry skin. the second i drank rapidly, yet half of the water spilled down my front. the third i ripped off the camel and placed on the ground by my feet. I did the same with the fourth bucket. the camel didn't seem to take notice on what i was doing. he had stopped for me though, and just as i placed the fourth bucket on the ground, the camel carried on walking, i watched it until it was out of sight over the sandy mountians. "that was wierd." i thought to myself. A while after walking some more, i finished the third bucket. i placed it upside down and sat on it. i looked around. Silence.

The End

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