they say when your in the desert, you halusinate, you start seeing things, when your so dihydrated. well i awoke in a desert. i dont know how but this desert wasn't empty and lonely. I awoke to find nothing but sand, as far as the eye could see and further. the sun beamed down and the rays made it so hot. My only choice was to walk, and to keep walking, foward and foward, not knowing where exactly my destination was. i few hours later i was still surrounded by the endless sand, i had walked over mountians of the stuff and there had been no water, no animals. nothing. I stopped. there was no clouds it was a blue sky and the sun seemed huge. i still couldn't get how i was here, suddenly. i thought i was in a dream, i tried pinching myself, nothing worked. i stopped in weakness, hungry and thirsty, i couldn't go no more. then i looked to my left. there was a camel, a real life camel coming towards me, with buckets of water. a camel with water. i used up my strength and ran towards the camel, it didn't run away, as i clambered onto the camel, grasping the buckets clsoe to me.

The End

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