Daily Bully

"Heyy Cinderella smellybelly." a group of kids called across the yard. Yes they where talking to me, i egnored them and carried on walking along the yard.

"Cinderys" The boy yelled louder. I pased quicker across the yard to my goal, the doors.

"Ella Bellu get here now!" Someone yelled so loud everyone in the yard looked. I stopped in my tracks, frozen, unable to move, i slowly carely turned around to find edward the biggest bully in school, and when i mean biggest oh i meant big, big as in 60 stone big, well not 60 stone, but pretty fat to be honest. but no one bullied edward, not the rock. He was a good distance from me and everyone was looking, behind him was infact the rocky crew, his crew.

"Why didn't you answer them?" Rock shouted. There was silence. "Eh? Tell me." "Im Not..." I Mumbled quietly. "Im not cinderella smellybelly."

"Yes you are, i say you are." Rock laughed. "Stupid person." He walked up towards me. He slapped me hard across the face and i felt myself fall to the ground. I couldn't do anything, i looked around, everyone was watching, eager to see a fight, rock yelled something and the rocky crew moved in. They started kicking me. punching my ribs and kicking my legs. Then one kicked me hard in the face. i saw the foot come towards me then blackness. and this is when my story starts.

The End

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