i mean i had no idea why i was here then. i didn't have any friends, everyone else did, i did great in classes, everyone else didn't, i was never in detensions, there was a detension club. But my mam thought i was getting on brilliantly, i mean i was the only good child there, of course it would seem that way. I got of the bus and got psuhed and shoved as soon as my feet touched the concrete ground, no suprise, the Rocky crew where always waiting for me in the mornings, they shoved me to the ground and laughed and carried on walking. to be honest, everyone well, bullied each other, there where always fights and though everyone had their own little groups they got on well with everyone. i was the main victem, everyone picked on me, girls, boys, it even seemed like the teachers did, well the teachers that noticed me.

The End

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