The Roaring Yellow Machine.

 they knew i was going to sit down there, they did it delibratly, they were evil in my eyes. The whole bus roared with laughter, everyone, so it seemed my eyes filled with tears i could barely see them, they were like blurs, but i knew as i look around trying to see the peoples faces, they were laughing, everyone of them. probably crying themselves as they thought they were so hilarious. I removed the chewing gum slowly and sat down on the seat. A tear rolled down my cheek but i didn't care, my sadness turned into anger, but i didn't do anything. A while later the big old school of brigdedale aprouched, its old battered brown brick walls and the graffiti along the white walls. at the front of the building, this school was like the school for terrors, school for bullies, school for the nasty ones.

The End

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