Family life.

It all changed on that sunny January morning.

It was sunny but quite windy and i awoke quite early by the glowing sun beaming through my bedroom window on to my bed. I could also hear the birds in the distanct forest. I knew it was going to be the same day as usual, my mother would make my breakfast, my dad would ignore me and my little brother frankie would annoy me.

The only one of the family i actually got on with was my big sister Anne who didn't live with us anymore, she was four years older than me, she was nineteen. 

I wanted to be a doctor, i didn't believe in them far off dreams like an actress or musician i wanted really badly to be a doctor, i got told by my headmaster to go to medical school in the summer holidays. My parents didn't listen to me, they didn't care.

As i got onto the school bus i glanced around for a spare seat to sit on, luckily enough there was one near the front and i sat down but sat on some chewing gum, it stuck onto my pants and everyone laughed.

This was just the start.

The End

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