unknown next destination.

Ella Bell an unfortunate girl seen as the victim, someone to pick on, when suddenly she finds herself in quite a few unusual places and in the end she finds out the scary truth of whats happening.

It all started four years ago to be presise, and if you want it really detailed, on a sunny spring morning in febuary.

I had always been stuck, not knowing where to turn, not knowing what to do with myself, my life was a boring mess. I didn't think i had any skills, infact i was very self-critical. I didn't have many friends as i always moved school.

Bridgedale high was the only school that i stayed longest in. And though i had been there for a while, i still had not made any friends. it was like i was repulsive or there was a barrier around me. Nobody talked to me, it was like i was invisible, and i dont even think i was visible to half the teachers.

The End

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