Unknown Money

A beautiful young computer analyst working for the FBI turns once she found her bosses credit card laying near her desk. She takes it and hacks his account and starts to spend and finds she can do this with anyones credit or debit card.

I was a computer analyst with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have a Computer Science degree from California State University.  I have a degree in criminology another in psychology and a Bachelors in Technically Complex Jobs from Kansas University.  I can hack anyone's computer,  I-pod, network mainframes, spending accounts, anything.  I used to work for the LAPD but got promoted and asked to join a the Bureau.  My life was good on the outside. I was alone in my heart and it turned me, I regret not marring or having children.  

My Name is Kandee Lopez.  Special Agent Lopez well was.  My story is a short but terrible.  I'm living a wealthy and an assumed happy life but it is very lonely.  

The End

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